Civ Vol Biv

Civilized Flying Camping

Vol Biv in the Alps can vary enormousley from simple overnight stops in the mountains, followed by a beautiful and calm flight down in the still morning air, to a series of long flights heading in a general direction, where camping, walking and finding new launches each day becomes routine.
By its nature Vol Biv is more complex than just flying. It requires some suplimentery skills, such as planing and organization. You may also be flying less frequented areas and might be using and carying silghtly different equipment. Although no one of these things is too much, put together all at once they can add too much stress to make things worthwhile.
Given a positive spirit Vol Biv is whithin the range of most pilots given the correct choices and back up.
Having flown here for a long time and with an eye towards vol biv and the general mountain experience, we may be able to help the aspiring Vol Biv pilots to move a step or two forward. You no longer need to blame lack of chance / equipment / experience / company etc!
Just come and ask us about Vol Biv
· Route Planning
· Testing and Selecting Equipment
· Specific Flying Skills
· Appropriate Destinations
· Back up Plans
· Flying Short "Expeditions"

Or more formally we can offer Vol Biv training in a number of formats adapted to you and your desires / skill level.

· Overnight camp + fly down from high mountain.

· 2 day taster of long flight with planed overnight camp before flying on or back the next day.

· 3-5 days "Unsupported" Vol Biv in the mountains.

Almost any level of ability / knowledge / experience / fitness / keenness can be accommodated. Any plans will be molded around you. Even the level of extremity of the camping can vary from mountain top to mountain refuge (with beds and food!)
Don't dream it fly it! Simply ask for more details


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